MAPCO, established in 1993, is one of Hawaii's major suppliers of mechanical accessory products.

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Commercial Ventilation Fans

Custom Sized Pleated & Disposable Filters


Corrosive Environment Fans

Air Filtration

Duct Sliencers, Acoustics

Air Curtain Fans

Vibration Isolators, Seismic, Inertia Bases


Air Filtration
Fire Rated Ceiling Access Panels

Air Curtain Fans


Stainless Steel Kitchen Hoods
Pollution Control Units
 Fire/Smoke, Control Dampers



Bathroom Exhaust Fans, Kitchen Hoods


Air Distribution
VAV Terminals
Grease Duct Fire Wrap

Flexible Duct

Stainless Steel Products
Flex Connectors
Damper Accessories

Fiberglass Insulation, Ductboard